• "Unleashed" is happening Monday, 1 p.m.
  • People can watch it at
  • Third-gen AirPods could reportedly launch during the event
  • New MacBook Pros could also be unveiled, a report claims

A new line of MacBook Pros will reportedly launch with the Apple silicon chips dubbed M1 Pro and M1 Max during the tech giant's "Unleashed" event.

The next-gen of Apple silicon chips to power the 14- and 16-inc MacBook Pros will feature up to 10 CPU cores, based on a report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Eight among them are high-performance cores while the two others will be energy-efficient ones.

These chips are expected to come in two variations — the entry version 16 core GPU and the high-end 32 GPU core.

Gurman went on to reveal that the chip names M1 Pro and M1 Max appeared in the upcoming MacBook Pros app log. He said he acquired the information from a Mac developer.

The name of the Apple silicon chip to power the upcoming MacBook Pros has been a subject for debate for the past months, reported MacRumors. Some believe that the M1 chip successor will be named M2.

Others suggest that Apple may follow how it named the upgraded iterations of its baseline chip. This means Apple could add "X" or "Z" to the current chip name, making it M1X as it did with the iPhone XS' A12 chip that was later succeeded by A12X powering the 2018 iPad Pro.

According to a report from Engadget, names such as M1 Pro and M1 Max may make it easier for customers to identify the performance differences between models. There's also a possibility that Apple would apply the same naming scheme to its computer CPUs.

Apart from revealing information about the redesigned MacBook Pros, Gurman also shared some of the MacBook Pro highlights that he and others expect to be launched at Apple's upcoming event, including the mini-LED displays. He also said the launch may see the return of the Magsafe power and HDMI ports as well as the SD card slot.

The "Unleashed" event is set to take place Monday, 1 p.m., at Apple Park. Fans can watch it at Its highlights reportedly include the launch of the third generation of AirPods, as well as the announcement of the high-end Mac mini.

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