Tech giant Apple is reportedly set to launch a new line of 14- and 16-inch MacBook Laptops with new, high-speed M2 Pro and M2 Max processing chips in early 2023. The new M2 chips would mark Apple's further departure from Intel as the company attempts to gain more market share.

Apple announced plans to create a new processing chip in 2020, planning on a two-year transition period to complete the project. The timeline has reportedly gone longer than anticipated, with the company expected to unveil the new laptops in 2023.

The original plans for Apple Silicon included a double-M2 Ultra processing chip, which could offer 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores.

But Apple reportedly shifted focus away from this project due to cost, complexity and time. The new MacBooks will instead include M2 Ultra chips, with 24 CPU cores and 76 GPU cores with support for over 192 gigabytes of memory, according to reports.

Apple is rumored to be launching a Mac Mini update with the new M2 Ultra chips as well as new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops. The computers will reportedly be built at its plant in Austin, Texas, with parts shipped in from China and Vietnam. They will include a similar design with touchpads, an all-black keyboard, a trackpad, and two speaker grilles on each side.

The updates come as Apple alters its charging ports and side-loading capabilities — this involves the capability of third-party app stores to be housed on Apple devices — to comply with new European Union laws.

The company also recently announced end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups in its new iOS 16.2 upgrade which includes the ability to edit lock screen and widget information.

A recent Tesla update said that Apple Music will now hold compatibility for Tesla vehicles.