Apple is reportedly working on a new AirPods 3, a follow-up to its hugely-popular wireless earbud. The new wireless earbud is rumored to feature active noise cancellation and a number of still unnamed features. The company is expected to launch a new wireless product to counter the latest competition from Microsoft's Surface Earbuds.

According to reports, the Cupertino-based tech powerhouse is planning a huge overhauled AirPod design to better compete with Microsoft’s newly launched Surface Earbuds. The news about the upcoming Apple AirPods 3 comes from a new icon unlocked by developers inside the latest iOS 13.2 developer beta. The information showed a new pair of wireless earbuds that can be paired with the iPhone device.

Some developers suggest that the upcoming new AirPods will likely be able to work as hearing aids, just like previous wireless earbuds developed by Apple. Other references found inside the latest iOS developer beta suggest that the new AirPods will have different listening modes.

There are many great alternatives to the AirPods. AFP/Getty Images/Josh Edelson

For now, the Apple AirPods will still be able to enjoy a strong market grip, which reportedly around 60 percent of all sales worldwide, as Microsoft still figuring out what to do next with their new Surface Earbuds. However, the tech company has not made any major improvements in the AirPods design since the initial market release 2016. This provides a good opening for rivals like the tech company Microsoft, which currently on the hunting mode for the next big hit to introduce their own wireless product that to cater to customers that Apple isn’t serving at the moment.

As for the potential launch date, it still possible that the upcoming Apple AirPods 3 with active noise cancellation will be announced this coming October hardware event. Apple is known for holding a big event for announcing a new line of products. The tech giant is expected to introduce a sheer number of updates, including new hardware, in the upcoming Apple’s October event.

In addition to Microsoft, Sony also offers a strong competition, working on its new offering. The company’s WF-1000XM3 offers the same noise-canceling smarts and other advanced features. The Japanese tech company has years of experience when it comes to producing consumer electronic devices.

Then, there’s the Seattle-based tech company Amazon, which also getting into the wireless bandwagon. The company has, recently, added its smart and talkative AI assistant to a pair of true wireless buds. It also added some active noise-cancellation smart on the product.