Aside from iPhones, the new Apple MacBooks and other Mac devices are confirmed to have a hands-free way to activate Siri. It’ll require adjusting settings and having the right Mac device to take advantage of this feature. Here’s how to activate Siri hands-free on the Apple MacBook.

To activate this feature, proceed to the System Preferences menu in the Apple main button. Once inside, choose the Siri icon to check for the “Hey Siri” options.

The options will have the “Listen for Hey Siri” checkbox, which you should tick on. Click on Continue to get your Mac to run tests if it can reliably take your voice commands to call out Siri. Once you’re finished, click on Done to finish the setup and start enjoying the feature.

Most MacBooks have the “Hey Siri” function, but not all of them have the hands-free command. So far, the only MacBooks that support these are the 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro, 13-inch 2018 Retina MacBook Air, 13-Inch 2018 four Thunderbolt 3 ported MacBook Pro and the iMac Pro. Models earlier than these MacBooks may not have this feature, while future MacBooks are expected to receive it in the future.

Once activated, Siri would operate similarly as it would for your iPhones. Search questions and other virtual assistant duties can now also be made through your Apple MacBook. This feature not only boosts work efficiency but also makes life easier.

As of now, Apple will reportedly further improve the feature in the upcoming iOS 13 update. The new update may be revealed in the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 this coming June.

New updates would allow Siri to process more complex requests, which can help users manage their work more efficiently.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more Apple announcements to see more Siri features and compatibility updates. Since Apple is doubling down on improving their services, more Siri updates are highly likely to be announced soon.