• MacBook users should learn how to adjust the display brightness
  • This is helpful whenever users need to see something when it's bright or dark
  • There are several ways to adjust the MacBook's display brightness

Knowing how to adjust the MacBook screen's brightness is an important thing to do. Users will need to know how to increase or decrease the display brightness so they will be able to see what they are doing on the device whether they are in a bright or dark location. It will also help save the battery when needed.

There are several ways to adjust the display brightness on the MacBook. Here are some instructions on how to do them.

Using the keyboard

Users can easily increase or decrease the MacBook's display brightess using the keyboard. Pressing F1 manually decreases the brightness level, while pressing F2 increases it.

Using the Touchbar

Those who use MacBook Pro models with a Touchbar can use the feature to adjust brightness levels to their preference. Simply look for the icon that looks like a sun, then drag it to the left or the right to decrease or increase brightness.

MacBook Pro
The Touch Bar does wonders when used with the Option key. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Using third-party keyboards

Those who love to use third-party keyboards on their MacBook when at home can also adjust display brightness another way. This method involves accessing the MacBook's Settings menu. Here's how:

  • First, users should click on the Apple icon located at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Second, after that, users should click on System Preferences. Users can also open it by pressing on the Command and Space keys then searching for System Preferences.
  • Third, once inside System Preferences, users should look for the Display menu.
  • Fourth, users can adjust the brightness level using the brightness slider in the menu.

iPhoneHacks noted that this will allow users to adjust the MacBook display's brightness settings, but it won't adjust the brightness of any non-Apple display connected to it.

Adjusting brightness levels automatically

There's also a way to make the MacBook adjust brightness levels automatically. This feature only works on models that have built-in ambient lighting sensors in them. Those who use such MacBooks will be able to set this feature up by going to System Preferences, then to Display. Once there, users will need to enable the feature, which is located beneath the brightness slider.