• Apple has pushed out the latest macOS Catalina update: version 10.15.2.
  • Update 10.15.2 adds more features to built-in Apple apps
  • New update also adds in a tie-in features for Macs to Apple's handheld devices such as iPhones and iPads.

The macOS Catalina has recently been updated to the 10.15.2 version. Apple’s latest update for its computer operating system mostly brings stability improvements and bug fixes for apps. The update is already available for download.

The macOS Catalina 10.15.2 update brings some app changes and a new tie-in feature for iPhones. The latest update doesn’t add major bug fixes, but it does add some quality-of-life features to the macOS Catalina platform.

One of the apps that are improved for the update is the Apple News app. Apple News+ stories will now have a new layout if it’s from mainstream broadsheets and leading newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, the Apple News app will also provide more related news and other stories from the same news source found at the end of articles. Breaking and Developing stories will also have apt tags from now on.

Meanwhile, the Music app will now keep the column view while the user is managing their music library. Other issues in the app have also been fixed such as the resetting equalizer settings during playback and missing album cover for some songs.

More fixes have also been rolled out for the macOS Catalina Photos app. The sudden unsupported file extensions for some .MP4 and .AVI videos have been fixed in this update. Recently made new folders will also now show properly in the Albums mode. The Photos app will also now properly print out images without ruining the order if they’ve been manually moved previously. Lastly, the “Zoom-to -crop” tool will also work properly this time around.

Apple’s Mail app will properly show the preferences window all the time instead of occasionally showing an empty screen. Recovering deleted mail using the Undo button has been fixed and is more reliable in this update.

Other than the apps, Apple has also introduced another tie-in feature of Macs that can use iPhones and iPads as remote controls for the Music and TV apps on the computer.

macOS Catalina
Apple finally rolled out the macOS Catalina update but while it introduces a lot of enhancements and advances it also introduces several issues. Azz Bad/Pexels

Lastly, the eBooks and audiobooks can now be easily synced on the iPad or iPhone with the Finder app. Tasks listed in the Reminder app will also always be in order when opening it. The Notes app will not have any slow typing issues anymore.

Overall, the macOS Catalina 10.15.2 update is a general improvement to compatible Macs out there. Apple has yet to reveal any major updates for the Mac or even its upcoming