• Apple has added new features to Apple Maps in iOS 14
  • One new feature is Guides, which allows users to use curated guides made by others
  • The feature is similar to one that Google introduced in Google Maps some time ago

Apple added a slew of new features to iOS 14, including a few additions to the Maps app. One of these additions is Guides, which is designed to give users a curated guide to what certain locations have to offer.

Guides is similar to a previous feature known as Collections, but it differs from the older feature in a very distinct way. Collections allowed users to create grouped lists of their favorite places or things to do in a certain location. Guides, on the other hand, lets other users, such as companies and travel websites, create those lists and offer it to iPhone users for their perusal.

The new Guides is similar to another feature that Google introduced in its Google Maps app some time ago. This feature allowed users to follow “local guides” who can provide tips about places of interest in a certain location.

The new Guides feature is perfect for those who are new to a certain location or have been staying there for some time already but have not yet explored it.

Here's how to find and use a curated Guide in Apple Maps:

  • First, users should make sure that their iPhone is running on iOS 14.
  • Second, after updating to iOS 14, users should open Apple Maps
  • Third, users should search for a popular location, such as a large city, for example.
  • Fourth, a panel will appear on the screen. Users should scroll down on it and tap on any of the Guides shown.
  • Fifth, users who want to see more Guides can tap on See More and select any Guide that they please.

Users will see a number of pins or highlighted spots in an area after selecting a Guide. These pins will display icons corresponding to Guide topics. These can include coffee shops, restaurants, ice cream and so on. Users can make the most of the Guide by scrolling down to see everything written in it or by tapping on the icons to receive directions leading to that spot.

In addition to getting a variety of navigation instructions to places of interest, users will also be able to Look Around the specific place, provided that the option is available.

Apple Maps
A new update for Apple’s Maps app is rolling out. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach