• Bike riding enthusiasts can now get cycling directions from the Apple Maps app in iOS 14
  • The feature gives turn-based directions for certain locations in a few key cities
  • Users will see turn-based directions on both the iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple has updated the Maps app in iOS 14 to provide cycling directions for those who prefer to travel by bike.

The new feature comes as a welcome addition for people who prefer to ride on two wheels instead of driving a car, commuting or walking to work and other locations. Google Maps previously offered this feature, but now that it's on Apple Maps, it's very likely that iPhone users won't have to switch to the competition anymore.

What's great about the new cycling directions feature is that turn-by-turn navigation instructions will be displayed on the iPhone screen and the Apple Watch. This means users can simply set the target destination on the app, put their iPhone in their bags or pockets, then get instructions with a glance on the Apple Watch screen.

Currently, however, Apple Maps is only able to provide cycling directions for locations in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in the U.S. Those who are using the app in China will only be able to get similar navigational instructions in Beijing and Shanghai.

Here's how to get cycling directions via Apple Maps:

  • First, users should launch the Maps app on their iPhone running on iOS 14.
  • Second, once the Maps app is up, users should search for a location or address they want to go to.
  • Third, users should enter their target destination, tap on it, then tap on Directions.
  • Fourth, users will be given various transport options to choose from. Users should tap on the bicycle icon (fourth icon from the left).
  • Fifth, the app will give several suggestions to the user, each of them providing an estimated duration, distance, as well as some extra information about the suggested route such as hills and inclines and whether the route includes busy roads. Users who do not want to go through hills and busy roads can toggle the corresponding switch in the Avoid section.
  • Sixth, once done choosing the preferred route, users should tap on Go to start.

After tapping Go, the Maps app will start giving users turn-based directions to help them get to their target destination.

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