• Google rolls out a new feature, Google Maps profiles
  • It allows Google Maps users to follow other people on the app
  • This lets users receive helpful recommendations, advice and updates

Google Maps has become the newest social network with the addition of the company's latest feature.

Google Maps is known as one of the best, if not the best, navigational apps available to consumers. It offers a myriad of details and features that will prove helpful to any user – whether it's the weekend traveler who loves to see new places or the everyday commuter who wants to know the best route to and from work, either by car, bus, bike or on foot.

Now, Google has announced in a blog entry that users will be able to follow other Google Maps users to stay updated on their posts about places, whether it's a photo, a review or a list.

The new feature, Google Maps profiles, is built on another one that Google launched last year. That feature allowed users to follow select Local Guides that the company invited to participate. Those who followed these Local Guides received recommendations on where to go and what to do in different locations.

Google noted that while it was “exciting” to see many Local Guides opt in and participate, it was also “equally exciting” to see the many Google Maps users who followed these Local Guides to receive recommendations about the places around them.

The new feature, which is currently rolling out to all users across the globe, will allow Google Maps users to follow anybody who has shared photos, reviews and lists on the platform publicly. Following them will allow users to receive recommendations, advice and updates regarding where to go and what to do in the places around them. These will be available via the Updates tab in the app.

There will also be new topic filters that users can utilize to see topics and places that Google Maps users post about. These filters will help users see posts, reviews and lists about their interests, such as food (like pizza), activities (such as camping and brunch) and places (parks, for example).

For those who want to stay in control of their “digital footprint,” Google said the new feature has built-in settings that will allow them to restrict their profile so that unauthorized people won't be able to follow them and see their posts.

Those who want to make their posts public but don't want certain people to see them also have the option to block other users. These features allow for user privacy.

Google Maps Profiles
Google Maps now allows users to follow other users. Google