The next time users are visiting Apple’s refurbished store, they will be greeted by the reconditioned iPhones that are up for grabs at the site. Previously, the online store only sold iPads, Mac devices and AirPort Extreme. Now that Apple is finally selling refurbished iPhones, the Cupertino giant could earn additional revenue from its previous models, like the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. 

According to 9To5Mac, Apple previously used refurbished iPhones for repair and replacements and even forwarded them to third-party resellers. However, the Cupertino giant’s new endeavour is changing all these, since it is now offering its reconditioned iPhones via its online refurbished store. 

Right now the refurbished store is selling units of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. For the refurbished iPhone 6s with 16GB internal storage, buyers should spend $499. For the iPhone 6s Plus with 16GB memory, interested consumers should shell out $529. On the other hand, the 64GB variant of the iPhone 6s Plus costs $589.

The prices for the refurbished units are undeniably cheaper than the brand new ones. When consumers buy the recondition units, they save around $100 to $120 or up to 15 percent of the original pricing for the brand new units. 

In addition to the money they can save, there are other perks that make each deal inviting. All iPhones sold at the refurbished store are SIM-free and unlocked, so users can choose whatever SIM card they want to work on these phones. They also have a certified one-year warranty, as per MacRumors

Before they are sold on the online refurbished store, each handset is tested, cleaned and certified to ensure that customers are getting good-as-new devices. As a matter of fact, the units do not have any scratches or cosmetic damages since they have new outer shells. They also sport brand new battery packs. 

AppleInsider claims that Apple was formerly against the idea of selling refurbished iPhones since it would affect the rate at which its new smartphones are being sold. However, it’s very clear now that Apple wants to earn more revenue from used models. It is also worth noting that the sales of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus were a bit underwhelming compared with the amount Apple earned from the iPhone 6 line.