• A growing number of Apple AirPods Por users are complaining about Active Noise Cancellation issues
  • Others complain hearing static or crackling noises on their AirPods Pro
  • Apple recently shares effective steps on how to troubleshoot and solve these issues

Several AirPods Pro owners recently took to online forums their complaints about Apple’s truly wireless earbuds. Some users are claiming that their AirPods Pro are not functioning as well as they did when they purchased them. Among the most numbers of complaints owners reported on various online forums is the crackling noises that the wireless earbuds produce,

The Cupertino tech giant recently shared support articles that suggest practical ways to troubleshoot and resolve various Apple AirPods Pro issues. This includes the Active Noise Cancellation or the crackling or static noises. Users experiencing these issues could try these simple solutions first, but if after doing the steps and the issues are still there, they can contact Apple Support.

Solution For Active Noise Cancellation Issues

According to the support article from Apple, AirPods Por users must first ensure that the wireless earbuds are connected on Mac, iPhone, or iPad running on the latest software. The Cupertino tech juggernaut recently rolled out the newest firmware, 2D15, for the AirPods Pro. The update instantly installs if the wireless earbuds are connected to any Apple device.

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The Apple support article also recommends to place both earbuds in the user’s ears and make sure that the Active Noise Cancellation feature of the AirPods Pro is switched on. Should the user find that the Active Noise Cancellation is still not working as expected, the tech giant suggests cleaning the mesh on the topmost part of the wireless earbuds. The company notes that there are times when debris, dust, or earwax build-up affect the performance of the AirPods Pro. This build-up, according to Apple, could cause an increase in ambient noise or loss of bass sound.

Solution For Crackling Or Static Noises

When it comes to crackling or static noises, the Cupertino tech giant recommends that aside from making sure that the AirPods Pro is connected to an updated Apple device, users must also ensure that no obstructions or wireless interference are present. Apple also suggests listening to the audio from a different kind of app to check if the app causes the issue.