• iOS 14.5 will roll out a week after the Apple Spring Loaded event
  • iOS 14.5 brings an update to existing features and added security
  • A beta version of the update is now available for download

Apple has officially announced the release of its latest iOS 14.5 updates. With iPhone users left in high anticipation for months now, here is another foretaste of what to expect with the upcoming Apple mobile operating system.

In a press release for Apple's Air Tag after its Spring Loaded big event, Apple unveiled the iOS 14.5 update release. The Cupertino-based tech giant said the latest mobile OS update could come by April 26 or sometime within the week.

Once rolled out, the iOS 14.5 update will be compatible with all iOS capable devices. Among the list are iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and the succeeding versions, up to iPhone 12 as well as the seventh-generation iPod Touch, CNET reported.

iOS 14 debuted in September and had been receiving a monthly update ever since its launch. The last update was iOS 14.4 and was released on January 26 putting iOS 14.5 at such high anticipation due to a long time before its launch.

Reports said iOS 14.5 will come with a long list of features such as unlocking an iPhone even while wearing a facemask as long as the user has an updated Apple Watch. The update also adds more emojis, bringing the total to 217.

Siri will receive an additional female voice option and two other male voices. The smart assistant will now be capable of emergency command as well as choosing the default audio playing app such as Spotify, The Verge reported.

Almost similar to the iOS 14.3 update wherein users were given the option to see what data apps collect before download, iOS 14.5 will require apps to seek a user’s permission to collect data or tracking any activity.

With the upcoming update, iPhone owners may use both the digital e-sim and the physical sim slot simultaneously with provision for 5G dual sim support.

Gaming on iOS powered iPhone and tablet is possible as iOS 14.5 bring support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers. The OS update makes Apple Fitness Plus workout streaming possible as well through AirPlay 2 compatible devices such as TVs.

iPhone users will be prompted to download once the iOS 14.5 update is available. For those who cannot wait for the iOS 14.5 public launch, the beta version is now available to developers for testing. However, CNET reminded iPhone holders not to download the beta update to their regularly used phones as beta version OS usually comes with a bug.

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