Apple will reportedly stop its support for the iPad 2 on April 30. After this month, iPad 2 units will not be eligible for official services anymore. Here’s what we know about the iPad 2 support.

According to an internal list acquired by MacRumors, the iPad 2’s vintage device status is now going to be obsolete by the end of April. The “obsolete device” status are often given to Apple device of over 5 years of service. The iPad 2 was first released in 2011, and was considered as an affordable Apple device option up until 2014. The device had a 9.7-inch display with 132 PPI, 0.7-megapixel rear camera, and A5 chip which are leagues behind Apple’s current devices today. The source of the Apple internal list was not specified.

While the iPad 2 has definitely reached a form of device seniority, it’s “obsolete” status doesn’t help its users as Apple is discontinuing support for it. The device is still operable but repairing it would be an issue. Any Apple Genius Bar or official service providers for iOS devices will not be able to help you anymore once the month ends.

The only exceptions for this status are few places like Turkey and the state of California. The local laws in those areas still cover the iPad 2 for its Apple services up until March 2021.

As for the new iPad devices, Apple has previously revealed  details about the new iPad air and iPad mini. The iPad mini is confirmed to have a 7.9-inch screen, advanced retina display, A12 chip, and an Apple Pencil support. Meanwhile, the iPad Air  has a 10.5-inch screen and has overall improved hardware, features, and performance. However, the next iteration of the main iPad is yet to be known.

After the Apple’s event last month, the company is still focused on pushing out new services and improving their existing ones. The company announced four new subscription services that are going to be available later this year. As for new devices, Apple’s announcements are vague and we’ll have to wait for further announcements for their next move.