• Leaked renders reveal how the upcoming Powerbeats 4 will look like
  • The Powerbeats 4 looks like the Powerbeats Pro, only wired like the Powerbeats 3
  • The new audio accessory will come in a variety of colors not limited to white

Leaked renders showing what the upcoming wireless Powerbeats 4 could look like and feature have surfaced, giving consumers a glimpse at the new device. What can fans expect from the new headphones?

Apple is working on a new Powerbeats headphones model that will succeed the currently existing Powerbeats 3. Previous reports revealed that this audio accessory has been listed with the FCC and is coming real soon.

Now, a new renders released via German tech site reveals just how the upcoming pair of wireless earbuds might look like. These images give a better glimpse as compared to the illustrations shown via the FCC listing, and will give readers a better idea as to what they should expect.

That said, here's what the leaked renders reveal about the device:

Powerbeats Pro look

First, in line with what earlier reports revealed, the Powerbeats 4 will feature the same curved look that the Powerbeats Pro has. This is very different from how its successor, the Powerbeats 3, looks like.

Wireless but wired

Next, the images reveal that, in agreement with earlier reports, the Powerbeats 4 won't be a pair of truly wireless stereo headphones. The left and right sides are tethered to each other via a cable that's cleverly placed at the back of the wearer's ears. This means the wire will naturally dangle behind the user's head, and won't be at risk of getting tangled with the wearer's collar buttons, if any.

What's more, the cable itself looks short enough to avoid getting tangled, but long enough to be worn comfortably. Android Authority noted that the wire won't be a deal-breaker for some as it won't be a hindrance for those who love to listen to music while working out at the gym.


Just like other Powerbeats wireless models, the Powerbeats 4 will have earhooks that will help it stay in position regardless of what the wearer is doing. This means the Powerbeats 4 can be used while running, riding a bike, working out, and so on. Additionally, the cable will also prevent users from losing one side, unlike the AirPods.

Different colors

Lastly, the Powerbeats 4 will come in at least three colors: Black, White and Red. These colors will appeal to more users compared to Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro, both of which only comes in the usual white.