• An FCC filing reveals the upcoming Powerbeats 4
  • The device combines the looks of the Powerbeats Pro with the Powerbeats 3
  • The Powerbeats 4 is expected to have the "Hey Siri" function

An FCC filing indicates that a new Powerbeats wireless earphone model is coming, and a report states that it might feature Apple's digital voice assistant, Siri.

Previous reports revealed that according to an image stored inside the iOS 13.3 beta in December, a new Powerbeats wireless earphone might be coming. The new headphones combines the design aesthetics of the truly wireless Powerbeats Pro and the wired-yet-wireless Powerbeats 3.

A new filing at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission reveals that that audio accessory is indeed coming. The filing, which is for a “Wireless Headset” with code “A2015,” also confirms the device's alleged design, Apple Insider reported.

Illustrations included in the FCC filing present an audio device that has the same form factor as that of the truly wireless Powerbeats Pro – it will have a sleek, curved design that allows the earbuds to be worn snugly and comfortably.

Powerbeats 4 FCC filing
An image of the alleged Powerbeats 4 according to an FCC filing. FCC

The illustrations also show that like the Powerbeats 3, the Powerbeats 4 will have a wire connecting each piece to one another. The only difference is that while the wires on the third-gen model dangled directly beneath the in-ear part of the earbuds, the wires connecting each piece of the fourth-gen model are located at the end of the earhooks, and are meant to dangle behind the wearer's ears.


Now, what will the Powerbeats 4 bring users? Not much is known about it yet, but if iPhoneHacks is correct, the upcoming audio accessory can be expected to come equipped with Apple's H1 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which is the same component that powers the second-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro.

This chip allows the second-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro to seamlessly connect with Apple's devices, perform well in terms of audio quality, and most notably, give users the convenience of “Hey Siri.”

The latter feature there will allow users to do a lot of things without the need to pull their phones from their pocket or – as in the case of those who will likely wear the new Powerbeats 4 while working out in the gym – send texts, make and take calls, play music, check the weather and more.

The FCC filing, as well as the reports, do not mention a release date. Apple Insider, however, noted that rumors of an Apple event in March could very well imply that that device will be released with other devices.