Apple recently released the latest version of the MacBook Pro with improved specs. Along with the upgrades, Apple has also fixed the Macbook Pro overheating issues in the latest laptop iteration. The previous 2018 version was notorious for its temperature spiking up too fast.

The 2019 MacBook Pro is equipped with an 8-core chip, making it considerably more powerful than the previous MacBooks. However, many MacBook fans noted that the new Apple laptop’s processing power makes it more susceptible thermal throttling issues like its predecessor.

However, the 2019 MacBook Pro was put to the test, and Apple has definitely fixed this issue with this laptop. Upon testing, Apple’s new MacBook Pro was able to maintain regular temperatures even after hours of heavy loads, as seen on Linus Tech Tips’ video.

Apple fixed the whole thermal throttling issue with two specific upgrades. The company has used a better thermal paste for all its MacBook Pro units, which helps the laptop cool off faster. Moreover, the laptop’s CPU has been undervolted, which helps in regulating the electric flow within the device and preventing the device from reaching critical heat levels.

Due to the anti-overheating improvements, the MacBook Pro can now be relied on for longer hours with processing-intensive activities such as music production or running Adobe programs. On its official store page, the MacBook Pro has a list of processing intensive programs, which further demonstrates Apple’s confidence in the new laptop’s strength.

So far, Apple fixing this thermal throttle issue shows how much improvement has been made from the MacBook Pro series of 2016. The laptop series had been in a tight spot back when Apple redesigned the series.

Apple’s MacBook Pro costs around $1,249 up to $2,599 depending on the size and the parts. This laptop is a great choice if you want a portable computer with a strong performance and can hold itself well for a long time.

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro and people. Reuters/Albert Gea