MacBook Air Screen
A new patent indicates that future MacBook Air models might be thinner than ever. (Pictured: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple unveils a new MacBook Air during a launch event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on October 30, 2018 in New York City.) Getty Images/Stephanie Keith

Apple recently released an update that gives MacBook Air laptops a boost for display brightness. The new update optimizes the use of the 2018 MacBook units to their best capacity. Here’s what we know about this update.

According to a thread on an Apple Reddit, many users noticed that Apple made a silent update to the 2018 MacBook Air. Previously, the MacBook Air’s maximum brightness output’s limit was 300 nits, but now, the macOS Mojave 10.14.4 update now allows it to hit 400 nits.

The official update notes for the 10.14.4 update noted that it will “correct the default screen brightness” of the display. While the update didn’t get specific, the changes could be for this specific update. While the brightness specs may look minor to many MacBook Air owners, this is still significant as there are specific cases where a brighter screen is needed.

Previously, Apple also had a silent release for the new iPad Air and iPad Mini on March 18. The new devices got upgrades which made them better than previous iterations. The iPad Air had a bigger display and had many feature and performance upgrades. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini had new features such as Apple Pencil support, advanced retina display and an A12 chip which boosts the device’s processing power.

As for Apple’s other devices, Apple is still vague on the details for the release of many of them save for the AirPods 2. The next generation of AirPods is expected to come later this year. The new features on this updated device will focus more on the device’s battery life as the earpiece battery is also improved while the charging case also has improved battery.

For now, we’ve yet to now when the next update for the MacBook will arrive. No news about a major software update or full hardware iteration introduction has been announced. Due to Apple’s focus on introducing and improving their services, their device announcements have been less likely in their events. In the previous event, more focus has been given to four new subscription services than providing details about a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook.