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Apple's 5th generation iPad, also dubbed the "iPad 5" or "iPad Pro" online, will be a bigger model released later in the fall. Reuters

Apple Inc. is definitely working on a bigger version of the iPad, a new report says. However, issues that the Cupertino, California-based manufacturer is having with the 12.9-inch tablet will delay its release date, according to Bloomberg.

Sales of Apple’s iPad have remained flat for several quarters, and the company hopes that a larger model will boost sales. The bigger iPad is reportedly part of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s plan to shake up the product line much like the larger iPhone 6 Plus has done for the company’s smartphones.

One rumored name for the tablet is “iPad Pro,” following the company’s naming scheme for its larger laptop computers, as well as its efforts to market the tablets more to business users. The release date for the bigger iPad was pushed from spring to September, the report said, because of supply issues affecting Apple's manufacturing partners.

The delay, the report said, is due to the next iPad’s 12.9-inch screen, which is considerably larger than the current 9.7-inch iPad screen. Apple had originally planned to start producing the bigger iPad before spring, and rumors say the tablet may include an "optional" stylus.

Apple’s iPad sales have also been impacted by its larger iPhone. In fact, the iPhone 6 Plus has helped the company enjoy an increase in profits to an all-time high.