• Several reports found that Apple slashed trade-in values for most of its devices
  • The reductions were made overnight
  • Some Apple devices had significant reductions, but some didn't

Those looking to trade-in their old Apple device in order to buy a newer model will find that the Cupertino tech giant has reduced the trade-in values.

According to MacRumors, Apple, overnight, has lowered the maximum estimated trade-in values of many of its devices which include iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs. The reductions differ from each other, but all of them mean that buyers who wished to trade-in an older iDevice just a few days ago will not get the value they thought they would.

A quick look at the Apple Trade In page shows the maximum estimated trade-in values Apple gives towards each second-hand device. Those who didn't visit the page a few days ago will not notice the reduction in values, but MacRumors was able to keep a copy of older values before they were slashed.

For example, consumers looking to trade their iPhone XS Max for a new device like an iPhone 11 Pro will only get a maximum trade-in credit worth $500. Previously, consumers who traded-in their iPhone XS Max would've received a maximum credit of $600. This indicates that Apple reduced the iPhone XS Max trade-in value by as much as $100.

The trade-in value reductions affect a slew of older Apple products, such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s; iPad Pro and other iPad models; a selection of Macs and MacBooks, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4, which Apple doesn't sell anymore.

Tim Cook speaks during a product launch at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California in September 2019 Tim Cook speaks during a product launch at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California in September 2019 Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson

MacRumors noted that the reductions also affect other consumers outside the U.S. Apple Stores. These also affect buyers in other countries and regions, including Germany, as per, a German-speaking tech blog.

Here's a list of affect iDevices, and the new maximum trade-in values assigned to each


  • iPhone XS‌ Max –– up to $500
  • iPhone XS‌ –– up to $420
  • iPhone XR –– up to$300
  • iPhone‌ X –– up to $320
  • iPhone 8 Plus –– up to $250
  • iPhone 8‌ –– up to $170
  • iPhone‌ 7 Plus –– up to $150
  • iPhone‌ 7 –– up to $120
  • iPhone‌ 6s Plus –– up to $100
  • iPhone‌ 6s –– up to $80


  • iPad Pro –– up to $220
  • iPad‌ –– up to $100
  • iPad Air –– up to $70
  • iPad‌ mini –– up to $80


  • MacBook Pro‌ –– up to $2530
  • MacBook Air –– up to $660
  • MacBook –– up to $610
  • iMac Pro –– up to $4150
  • iMac –– up to $1500
  • Mac Pro‌ –– up to $1700
  • Mac mini‌ –– up to $230

Apple Watch

  • ‌ Apple Watch‌ Series 4 –– up to $100