Apple 2014 Release Dates
Apple is expected to unveil several new products in 2014 including a rumored iWatch, iPhone 6, Apple TV and more. Reuters

With 2014 well under way, analysts, investors and consumers are looking to Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) to unveil several new products this year. From wearable tech to the living room multimedia experience, the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant appears to have a full schedule this year if reports throughout 2013 and early 2014 are correct.

Remarks made by Apple CEO Tim Cook during a 2013 Q4 conference call appear to substantiate this as well.

“Didn't say you would see them in 2013 and 2014, but you will see exciting new products from us in the fall and across 2014. I stand by that and you've seen a lot of things over the last couple of months,” Cook said in response to a question during the earnings call.

While Cook hinted at new products, what’s really on people’s minds is when new products will be launched by Apple in 2014. Here's our take on when to expect new products such as the Apple TV, iPhone 6, iOS 8, iWatch and more.

March-April: Apple TV

Apple TV
If recent reports are any indication, the next generation Apple TV may be less ambitious than expected. Courtesy/Apple

Aside from the Mac Mini, the Apple TV is one of the most overdue product lines from Apple that need a refresh or overall revamp. With several rumors floating around, this appears very likely in 2014. According to several reports, the next-generation Apple TV is likely to launch within the March-April time frame.

Some watchers of the Apple TV were hoping for a cord cutter solution that would revolutionize the living room television experience. However, recent reports of Apple meeting with cable companies such as Time Warner (NYSE:TWC) indicate that Apple may be scaling back its ambitious content plans due to industry resistance. While details about the next-gen Apple TV have been otherwise sparse, some rumors point to video game support also being built into this iteration of the Apple TV.

June WWDC: iOS 8, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini

Apple WWDC 10June2013
Attendees sit in front of an Apple logo at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 in San Francisco, California June 10, 2013. Reuters

Apple hosts its Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC annually in San Francisco to showcase some of its upcoming software and also announce new hardware.

Apple traditionally hosts its Worldwide Developers conference in June. While it’s likely that Apple will introduce refreshed MacBook Pros, the fate of the Mac Mini is still questionable, especially since it was notably absent throughout 2013. The Mac Mini line hasn’t been updated since October 2012 and its current outlook doesn’t look much better, especially with Intel’s processor roadmap, which is casting doubt on 2014 Apple desktop hardware updates, according to MacRumors.

Despite the hardware uncertainties, if historic trends prove correct, Apple will certainly unveil a preview for iOS 8, the next iteration of iOS 8, which is expected to feature several new features, including a rumored health-focused app dubbed “Healthbook,” which may take design cues from the “Passbook” app currently on iOS.

September: iPhone 6, iWatch

A mock up of Apple's prospective iDevice line, including the still-to-be-released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6XL. Courtesy Macrumors

While some analysts believe a next-generation iPhone may be unveiled sooner than the fall and winter 2014 shopping season, this is unlikely. The next-gen iPhone, which some have already called the iPhone 6 is more likely to launch in September.

According to a Q4 2013 report by GT Advance Technologies, Apple’s new sapphire manufacturing partner, the firm expects to “return to profitability during the second half of 2014,” which coincides with fall rumors of an iPhone 6 launch.

As for what features the iPhone 6 may contain, everything from larger sizes to sapphire screens have been speculated on.

Should Apple unveil iOS 8 at WWDC with a “Healthbook” app, the iPhone 6 will very likely launch with iOS 8. However, it probably won’t be alone. Last year, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S, the iterative follow-up to its iPhone 5, which added features such as its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and the M7 motion coprocessor, which was lauded for its potential to be used for health-related features.

While the M7 coprocessor’s uses seemed somewhat limited on the iPhone 5S, its capabilities lent itself to rumors that pointed to a highly-expected wearable technology solution by Apple, which some have been called the iWatch.

The iWatch is rumored to use a flexible AMOLED touch screen and a stepped battery. While additional specific details remain sparse on the iWatch, job listings at Apple indicated that the company has been looking for engineers and physiologists to perform health-related testing.

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