With the release of the new Apple iPhone 5S comes much fanfare and attention, particularly with a new feature on the iPhone 5S called "Touch ID." This new fingerprint sensor, which is embedded directly in the iPhone 5S home button, has been touted by Apple as one of the best and most unique ways to secure an iPhone. But do you necessarily need to use a finger to accomplish that goal? Apple iPhone users across the world have discovered that not only do you not necessarily need to use a finger with the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor, but other bodily extremities work with the Touch ID sensor as well.


Toes are among one of the more obvious ways to unlock your phone. Should you ever find yourself unable to reach your phone with your hands, but with your feet, it may be a decent idea to have one of your toes programmed to the Touch ID sensor for the off chance you might need to unlock your phone in a pinch. However, it’s also smart to program the phone with a clean foot, or at least thoroughly cleaning off the Touch ID sensor after programming it with your toe, unless you like the smell of feet on your shiny new Apple iPhone 5S.

Pro: You can take hands free to another level.

Con: This is probably not the most hygienic option, and stepping on a phone is rarely a good idea.


Using one's nose in Touch ID is actually one of the better ideas Apple iPhone 5S users have come up with since its release. When the first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007, users in colder climates quickly found that taking gloves on and off to unlock their capacitive touchscreen was such a hassle. Creative iPhone users quickly found that the nose worked just as well on the capacitive touchscreen, saving their digits from being exposed to the freezing cold. Fortunately that same concept also applies to the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor as well.

Pro: Your fingers can stay warm when you want to unlock your iPhone 5S.

Con: You’ll probably look very weird unlocking your iPhone like this in public.


Nobody said the bodily extremities used on the Touch ID sensor on the Apple iPhone 5S had to be attached to a human body. In videos released by several users on YouTube, they found that the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor works surprisingly well with cat paws.

Pro: If your cat is intuitive enough, it can unlock your iPhone for you.

Con: If your cat is really that smart, you’ll probably be disputing several credit card charges for extra “Candy Crush” tickets or cat related apps authorized by Touch ID.


In addition to human digits, the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor can apparently identify the imprint of a human nipple. If you haven’t pressed play on the video above, don’t worry, it’s safe for work (SFW). Japanese news blog Rocket News 24 tested this out in a video released on YouTube after the iPhone 5S was released.

Pro: It’s another way to unlock your iPhone 5S.

Con: Stuffing your hand and iPhone down your shirt may draw a bit of unwanted attention.

Just the Tip (of a certain male extremity)

While we haven’t looked for a video that confirms this, apparently this might actually be possible. Some Twitter users and YouTube commenters have reportedly claimed that it is possible to register a penis in Touch ID to unlock an Apple iPhone 5S. As for video confirmation, you’ll have to do that research on your own time.


Pro: This option adds one more way to unlock your iPhone 5S, albeit a disgusting option.

Con: Unlocking your iPhone 5S is probably not going to be a valid excuse to the police when you’re arrested for indecent exposure if this method does actually work.

Let us know what other bodily appendages work with the Apple iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor in the comments below.