Apple and Steve Jobs
Apple and Steve Jobs Creative Common

New Rumors have cropped up which suggested that Apple is set to release a completely new device this year that may create another 'category.'

A blog post by the Japan-based Web site said that Apple is planning something different compared to its current line of products. The site says that the device is a new product, and Apple will be giving the device a new name. However, additional details regarding the rumored new Apple product, like its main features, are still unknown, the site has added.

New reports of Apple launching a laptop that will run iOS instead of OS X have also surfaced and it is being said that it will be easier to access licensed content like movies, TV shows, and other media in Apple's domain.

The reports added that the Cupertino-based company may release a new Mac that will be different from what the company already offers in the market.

Any claims about the Mac OS X and iOS merging, or a new unannounced Apple product are still being considered as rumors, according to the Pop Herald.