Apple Store
Apple's iPods will be moved to the accessory shelves, where watchbands, cases and headphones are located. Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty Images

After years of declining iPod sales, the popular music player is getting sidelined. As part of Apple’s efforts to simplify and revamp its retail stores, the company intends to move its iPods to Apple Store accessory shelves, reports 9to5Mac.

Apple’s iPods will dwell alongside products such as Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases, and customers will be able to pull the music player directly off the shelf for purchase, starting Wednesday. It’s a shift away from the old model of asking an employee to retrieve an iPod from the storeroom. Apple has done this with some of its other product lines, including the Apple TV and its collection of Airport wireless routers.

Additionally, Apple is also removing its iPad smart signs in favor of loading product information directly onto iPhones, iPads and Macs on display. Apple previously used the interactive displays to show customers prices and product specs. But it found customers would confuse the signs with demo units, according to unnamed sources speaking to 9to5Mac.

The retail change is one of many that have happened under the guidance of Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts. That includes redesigned third-party accessory boxes to fit the store aesthetic and new display tables to accommodate Apple’s latest product -- the Apple Watch. Additionally, Apple has made changes to its website by merging the Apple Online Store with the site.

While Apple’s iPod was once considered one of the company’s flagship devices, sales for the music player have sharply declined over the years. That resulted in Apple making changes to its financial reporting in 2015 by relegating the media player to the “Other Products” category. The product segment also includes the Apple TV, Beat Electronics, third-party accessories and for now -- the Apple Watch.