Apple announced iOS 7 at its WWDC 2013 keynote on Monday, which introduces dozens of new features and an all-new design. Courtesy / Apple.com

If you are an iPhone user looking for just a little more variety when it comes to Siri's response to all of your vital life questions, Apple is introducing a welcome change.

During its conference to announce the latest updates for the iPhone iOS 7 software earlier this week, Apple revealed that users will now be able to choose either a male or female voice for Siri.

Currently U.S. users receive their commands from a female voice while U.K. iPhone users hear a male voice.

Clifford Nass, a Stanford University professor, says the change just might be more reassuring for some technology users since research has shown that iPhone users trust male Siri's answers more than those coming from a female voice reports The Daily Mail.

"Female voices are seen, on average, as less intelligent than male voices," said Nass. "It’s safer in a sense to have a male voice in the sense that you’re not going to disappoint people as much."

The male voice that will be added to U.S. phones might already sound familiar to some. It is the same voice used for both the United Airlines help line and the Apple Support hotline reports The Huffington Post.

But Nass warns that the new option might still disappoint users looking for a distinct experience from the new male voice.

“If Apple uses the exact same comments for a male and female voice, they’ll undermine trust in the interface,” said Nass. “You can’t just slap a voice on. “

Nass says the technology must include distinct "masculine phrases" in order to make for the most believable experience for users.

The change is in no way as drastic as the original vision the creators behind Siri had, though. They initially hoped for Siri to eventually host several characters within Siri as well housing technology that would allow the program to emulate the speech patterns of its user.