Apple just rolled out a new version of its Safari Technology Preview browser. Based on the release notes posted on the Apple Developer site, this new version of the Cupertino giant’s experimental browser comes with two new features that help improve its performance.

In the latest version of Safari Technology Preview, User Timing and Link Preload have been added as experimental features. The former has been implemented as a performance observer while the latter is mainly for preventing preloaded resources from getting cleared once parsing is done. Link Preload also addresses the memory issues that were found to clear preloaded resources in the previous version.

In Addition, the update, called Release 24, comes with numerous fixes and improvements for Web API, JavaScript, CSS, Web Inspector, Accessibility, Rendering, Performance and Security. Some of the new implementations include the removal of restrictions on the template escape sequence in tagged templates and the prevention of redundant scrolling to the top-left corner of the page when returning to a URL sans fragments.

As an experimental browser, the Safari Technology Preview gives Safari users a glimpse on the features that are being tested for launch in the official browser. Upcoming changes to the Safari browser are being tested in the experimental browser to ensure that certain issues are addressed before they are implemented.

According to MacRumors, the main objective behind the public release of the Safari Technology Preview is for Apple to obtain feedback from developers and users who are taking part in the development process. The experimental browser can run side-by-side the official Safari browser, so there’s no need to install the former in a secondary device like in the case of beta testing for iOS. Also, the experimental browser does not require a developer account, so anyone can download it from Apple’s dedicated website for testing.