Apple commemorated its 10th Anniversary of its retail store on Thursday and is very likely to launch Apple 2.0 this Sunday.

Rumors have been spreading on the Internet that Apple was throwing a huge birthday bash in store on its 10th Anniversary but Thursday happened to be just another regular day – there was no Apple Store 2.0, no iPad-equipped employees, and no new products launching.

However, it is too early to be disappointed – the celebration may take place on Sunday, May 22, the weekend after the 10th Anniversary of its retail store.

A staff of International Business Times (IBTimes) has confirmed that a group of Apple employees are taking nightshifts around 1 a.m. on Sunday in a San Francisco Apple store on Stockton Street. Although nothing is confirmed yet, what looks like a new sound system and digital displays that is supposed to replace the paper signage have been detected.

According to previous “rumors”, Apple had been planning becoming “Apple Store 2.0”, a revamped store with new retail environment that would feature “Startup Sessions” for Apple product beginners, interactive iPad displays that would replace previous paper signage, new state-of-the-art sound system, and employees equipped with iPad to help with some store operations.