Climate change is a global concern and Apple thinks it could sell more iPhone units if more people care about the pressing issue. For the tech giant, a changing climate can mean increased demand and even brand loyalty for iPhones.

Apple's Opportunities

Experts have warned about the effects of climate change including frequent droughts and rising sea level. Interestingly, Apple sees good opportunities despite the drawbacks as what it stated in a report to CDP, a nonprofit that collects data from companies on their environmental impact.

Apple and many other companies like Bank of America and the Walt Disney Company produce reports that investigate their "climate-related" risks and opportunities and how they could potentially affect their operations. They forward these reports to CDP. 

In Apple’s latest update to the nonprofit, the tech giant shared details about its environmental program. Apple also assured that all data presented are solely from the company. The firm was not under any government regulation as the report is voluntary. Estimates were based on public information and they offer insights into Apple’s views about climate change and how it is affecting its business.

For example, the company claims that its iPhone business could benefit from climate change if various governments put more effort into setting more rules and regulations on power-efficient electronics.

"Apple would be well positioned to benefit from such regulations, due to our ongoing focus on the energy efficiency of our products," the company stated in the report. "Mobile devices can serve as the backbone communication network in emergency and quasi-emergency situations." 

"They can serve as a flashlight or a siren; they can provide first aid instructions; they can act as a radio; and they can be charged for many days via car batteries or even hand cranks. Over time, as people begin to experience severe weather events with greater frequency, we expect an increasing need for confidence and preparedness in the arena of personal safety and the well-being of loved ones," Tim Cook’s company explained.

Apple's New Updates

While it's hard to pinpoint how climate change will impact Apple and iPhones fully, the company continues to work on its regular updates as it just released iOS 12.1.3 following several betas. Consequently, tvOS 12.1.2, macOS 10.14.3 and watchOS 5.1.3 updates have also been released complete with security improvements and bug fixes.