• The Apple TV is capable of handling all installed apps
  • Users, however, might need to force close some apps
  • Force closing apps can help in fixing malfunctioning apps

Just like other Apple devices, the Apple TV also allows users to close apps that they don't want running.

Apple TV users most likely won't think of closing the apps on their set-top box. This is because the device manages to handle apps so well that there won't be any need to close them at any time. All users need to do is to move to another app or just leave their Apple TV until it goes to sleep. It's that efficient at handling apps.

Users, however, can still close apps when they want to. Here's how:

  • First, users should press the Home button twice in quick succession. This can be done from any screen on the Apple TV.
  • Second, users should swipe left or right to locate the app they want to close.
  • Third, users should swipe up on the app to close it.
  • Fourth, when done, users should press Home to exit.

This process allows users to force quit any app running on the device, whether foreground or background. Apple Insider said this action does not bring “any benefit at all,” even if done regularly. All this does, per the site, is eat up some of the user's precious time.

Apple TV
Pictured: The new smaller version of Apple TV is displayed at an Apple Special Event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts September 1, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Why do it?

If force closing an app doesn't bring benefits, why should users do it to their Apple TV apps? There's one good reason actually: it can help fix malfunctioning apps.

Force-quitting an app can be a means to get it to work properly. Some Apple TV apps might malfunction and stop working, which can be irritating depending on the user's level of patience. Force closing a malfunctioning app might get it to work when restarted.

Apple Insider mentioned that YouTube could be one such app that stops working properly. When it starts to malfunction, users can do all the swiping and scrolling they can do on the Siri remote, but it still won't work. Users can simply force close the app and force it to restart from scratch. This workaround may not be the best solution, but it may also work.

Those who are having trouble with grayed-out Apple TV apps, here's a quick tutorial on fixing them. Those who want to turn their Apple TV off manually can also check out a guide here.