Apple began promoting its music movies on iTunes Store on Tuesday, as the company plans to expand its offering on the popular online store.

According to Billboard, Apple aims to negotiate exclusive early access to more music-themed movies and promote them through the Music Movies page. The plan is to make movies available for download before they hit stores in a physical DVD format.

Currently available content includes a concert film featuring the Kings of Leon, an iTunes exclusive from Nov. 3 through Nov. 10.

It will also offer Davis Guggenheim’s music documentary “It Might Get Lou

d” about the history of the electric guitar, focusing on Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White. That will be available first on iTunes on Dec. 8, ahead of its wider distribution on Dec. 22.

The company hopes to increase video sales on iTunes in part by luring music consumers to its library of music-themed movies, the report said.

While Apple has not released any specific figures, it sells far more music than videos, and hopes to create a strong bridge between its music catalog and its video catalog by focusing on content that appeals to music fans.