• Apple announced the new macOS Big Sur at WWDC 2020
  • The new macOS version features improvements and enhancements to Safari
  • Safari now offers better privacy, faster speed, and greater personalization

Apple has announced that a new macOS version, macOS Big Sur, is coming and is now available for download as a developer beta for registered developers. The new Mac operating software version includes a slew of improvements and enhancements meant to give users the best-ever Mac experience yet.

One of the major improvements Apple included in macOS Big Sur comes in the form of enhancements to Safari, the company's popular browser. It has been upgraded to offer new features, including improved privacy, faster webpage loading, a built-in translator, and more ways to personalize the Safari experience to meet the user's demands.

Here's a quick look at what Safari brings to users in macOS Big Sur:

Improved Privacy

Apple said “privacy has always been built into Safari,” adding that a new feature called Privacy Report will help users see what's happening as they browse the internet.

Privacy Report provides “added visibility into how Safari protects browsing activity across the web.” It also allows users to choose what websites a Safari extension can work with. In addition, the feature will prevent tools, such as data breach password monitoring, from revealing the user's password information to anybody, including Apple.

Faster Loading

Apple proudly boasts that Safair is now capable of loading frequently visited websites by about “50 percent faster” compared to Google's Chrome. The browser is also updated to provide “industry-leading speed and battery life.” Users will also notice that the tabs have been redesigned so that it will be easier and faster to navigate between websites.

Built-In Translation

Apple also announced that Safari will have a built-in translation feature that will detect what language a website contains and then translate it with just one click. The company said the feature will be able to translate “entire webpages” from “seven languages.”

This feature is similar to a previously reported built-in Safari translation feature said to be coming to iOS 14.


Apple also designed Safari in macOS Big Sur so that users will be able to customize it for greater personalization. Users can select a background image for the new start page as well as other sections like iCloud Tabs and the Reading List. The new Safari also offers improved support for extensions.

All these features, and more, provides for “A Faster, More Personal, Privacy-First Safari Experience,” Apple said.

Safari on macOS Big Sur Safari in macOS Big Sur offers great customization, faster speed, and improved privacy. Photo: Apple