• Blood pressure monitoring is still years away from being added to the Apple Watch
  • Employees of the tech giant are reportedly testing the blood monitoring sensor
  • Body-temperature reading is likely to be the next big feature of the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch has offered consumers a variety of features so far. But one meant to help people keep track of their blood pressure may not come out until 2024, at the earliest.

Blood pressure and glucose monitoring are two features that Apple users have been eager to see on the Apple Watch. However, the two sensors are nowhere near close to appearing in the upcoming iteration of the smartwatch.

Per Bloomberg, Apple employees are still testing and improving the blood pressure sensor because the feature is not showing specific readings.

The sensor is still not able to report the systolic and diastolic readings in the same manner regular blood pressure devices do. The current test model just sends a warning, telling users to see a doctor for consultation regarding hypertension, without presenting pertinent data.

Smartwatches from other brands have already introduced blood pressure monitoring features. But they are far from perfect, with end-users needing to calibrate them monthly with the help of an actual blood pressure checking device.

Apple has been working on its blood pressure sensor for the Apple Watch since 2014. But it appears consumers will have to wait a little longer to see the blood pressure monitoring feature debuting on the Apple wearable.

For now, Apple fans should anticipate the inclusion of a body temperature sensor in the upcoming smartwatch. The feature should be useful for Apple Watch users, particularly for fertility tracking, sleep tracking and fever monitoring, MacRumors pointed out.

Research on the technology reportedly started as early as 2019, and it is likely to be the standout feature of the Apple Watch Series 8, as per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Three models are reportedly in the works. Aside from the Apple Watch Series 8, a ruggedized model and an updated Apple Watch SE are also rumored to debut later this year.

The new Apple Watch SE. Apple