This is it: the Apple Watch Series 2 is here. And honestly, it looks a lot like the first-gen Apple Watch. Instead, you'll find all the big improvements are on the inside.

The biggest change made to the Apple Watch Series 2 is its significant improvement in water resistance. Now, the Apple Watch Series 2 is capable of 50 meters water resistance, or what Apple likes to call "Swim Proof." Surprisingly a trick speaker is what makes all this possible! When water enters the Series 2, the speaker can eject water out to protect the watch.

Apple Watch 2 specs, as announced by Apple. Apple

In terms of hardware, the Apple Watch Series 2 features a dual-core processor that is 50 percent faster than its predecessor. It also features a GPU that's twice as fast and a 2nd gen display that is twice as bright at 1,000 nits (Apple boasts it's the brightest display of any device).

Finally, the real big news is Apple has finally brought GPS to its wearable. The Apple Watch Series 2 will come in aluminum, stainless steel and a new white ceramic finish that is four times harder than stainless steel.