Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch. Niantic

Another big Nintendo announcement just happened at the Apple Keynote event, and Pokémon Go will be coming to the Apple Watch before the end of 2016.

Pokemon Go players will be able to connect to the Apple Watch, which will act like the Pokemon Go Plus (still slated for release at the end of September) but comes with a screen, so players won't have to have the app open or in your hand.

The Apple Watch will show PokeStops when you come across them. You can swipe the watch just as you would your phone and collect your items. It will also tell you when a Pokemon is nearby and when you encounter one.

However, you will still have to open the app on your iPhone to actually catch the Pokemon.

Eggs hatching will be shown on your Apple Watch as well, and you can disconnect from the app and it will give you a summary of your progress. Your steps and calories burned will be monitored, just like any good fitness tracker.

So what do you think of Pokemon Go coming to the Apple Watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.