• Apple recently released watchOS 7 for all Apple Watch users
  • Some Apple Watch Series 3 users complained about bugs in the new update
  • But some Series 3 users have not been affected by the alleged bugs

Apple recently launched watchOS 7, bringing a slew of new features and enhancements meant to give users the best Apple Watch experience ever. Some Apple Watch Series 3 owners, however, say that the latest update has a lot of problems.

Some disgruntled Apple Watch Series 3 users reported the alleged bugs and issues that come with watchOS 7 via Apple's discussions site and the MacRumors forums. While the majority of affected users said that their Apple Watch Series 3 tends to reboot randomly, some users complained about other bugs not experienced by other users.

Here's a look at some complaints.

Flawless before watchOS 7

One Series 3 user said, “My Series 3 has been flawless for months until today, after upgrading it to WatchOS 7 overnight. It has restarted at least 3-4 times already. I can tell after each reboot because the watch is locked and not connected to my phone.”

Worst update ever

Another owner reported that his Series 3 model “shut itself down at least 3 times, locked itself while on my wrist about 4 times, failed to load complications on multiple faces (weather, activity rings and date), disconnected from my phone at least twice.”

The user added that the device's battery dropped faster than before and said, “This has been the buggiest upgrade I have seen.”

Other complaints

Other users indicated that the problems happen regardless of whether they are actively using (i.e., touching or tapping on the screen) or not. Some said the random reboot affects how they monitor their workouts. One certain user said the update resulted in “very erratic” volume control for headphones.

Not everyone is affected

It's worth noting that while many users complained about the problems, some Apple Watch Series 3 owners who also updated to watchOS 7 didn't experience any bugs or issues. Some of them even said they experienced the problems while they were still using the watchOS 7 beta versions but didn't have any problem with the final version.

That said, until Apple is finally able to discover the reasons for the bugs and issue fixes for them, it may be best for Apple Watch Series 3 users to continue using watchOS 6.

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