Apple has been releasing aluminum Apple Watches since the wearable was first released in 2015. Aluminum has been the casing material of choice for many users, but that may change with the Series 5 which introduces a new casing material: titanium.

Titanium and aluminum each have their good and bad points, but in general, both of them are great casing materials for the Apple Watch. Here are some key differences between the two, according to iMore:


  • Richer look

Titanium offers a deeper, richer hue compared to aluminum. The result is that with titanium, the Apple Watch can also look like a fine piece of jewelry while being a functional, health-focused Apple-branded wearable.

A new Apple patent reveals that the company is looking into changing the design of the next Apple Watch for user's convenience. Apple
  • Tougher metal

Titanium is tougher than both stainless steel and aluminum. It’s very far from aluminum on the Mohs hardness scale, and can be expected to resist a lot of impact that would otherwise damage aluminum.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch with titanium casing uses Sapphire crystal as screen material. This material is tougher than the Ion-X glass used alongside the aluminum casing.

  • More expensive

The tradeoff for the looks and durability is, without a doubt, a higher price. The titanium Apple Watch Series 5 is sold at prices starting $799.


  • Lighter look

Aluminum, by comparison, generally looks lighter than titanium. It has a brighter finish that’s more apt for a fitness wearable. It doesn’t look bad, though - the aluminum Apple Watch looks good too.

  • Lighter weight

Aluminum Apple Watch models are the lightest of all. The 40mm model weighs 30.8 grams while the 44mm casing weighs a mere 36.8 grams. These are lighter compared to the 40mm and 44mm titanium models that weigh 35.1 and 41.7 grams, respectively.

While some might think that the 5-gram difference is too light to be noticed, it’s not. Aluminum’s light weight is the reason why the Apple Watch Nike is only available in aluminum. Runners and those who live an active lifestyle will know the difference.

  • Less expensive

Last and more importantly, everyone who’s wanted to buy an Apple Watch will like aluminum simply because it’s way cheaper compared to titanium. Aluminum Apple Watch Series 5 models are available for at least $399, making it about $400 cheaper then the titanium models.

These are but some of the few differences the two casing materials have, but they’re enough to help differentiate between the two. Those who want a more premium-looking Apple Watch and have the money to pay for it can go for the titanium model. Those who want a lighter version and want to save some money when purchasing should opt for the aluminum model.