The Apple Watch Series 5 features are expected to have a major impact on user health and it seems that we might be expecting more with the upcoming release of the watchOS 6.

Apple analysts are expecting the next operating system of the smartwatch to come out next month during the Cupertino giant’s WWDC 2019 event. According to a report, some reliable sources have already shared leaks on new software updates stemming from the watchOS 6.

What we know so far is that the operating system will be released with the intention that it will complement the smartwatch’s health features or make not only the next Apple Watch but older models even more powerful.

One of the supposed major changes brought by the new OS is a stand-alone app store which would make the next smartwatch even more independent from the iPhone. As it is, the Apple Watch still needs the phone to install apps and do updates. With the new watchOS, users can do all these while on the go.

The watchOS 6’ health functions could also make the Apple Watch an even more formidable wellness companion, especially once it becomes available with the Apple Watch Series 5.

One of the most notable is the period-tracking app, Cycles and the pill reminder app that’s sure to benefit a lot of women. Period tracking will especially prove useful for women who are trying to track the time that they are ovulating which would eventually help them get pregnant and start a family. The pill reminder app is self-explanatory but it can prove useful especially for women who take the pill for hormonal imbalance.

This health feature is not new as other smartwatches like Fitbit and Garmin offer similar services. What makes the Apple Watch exceptional, however, is the company’s commitment to privacy.

Some period-tracking apps have been known to sell data they have gathered to some advertisers. Worse, some of these data have also been leaked to social media channels like Facebook, compromising the user’s privacy.

These health features from watchOS 6, if true, are just icing on the cake specifically for the Apple Watch Series 5. Currently, we’re anticipating some major health functions from Apple’s next watch like sleep tracking, odor detection and even the possibility of the watch tracking the user’s blood sugar levels.