Apple Watch stage
Equipped with fall-detection and ECG capabilities, another Apple Watch feature saved a woman from sexual assault. AFP/Getty Images/Noah Berger

The current generation of Apple Watch is already packed with fantastic features that make it one of the most sought after smartwatches in the market today. On top of these is the ECG function to measure heart rate and the watch’s capability to detect atrial fibrillation.

With all these dominant health functions, some analysts are wondering what the next Apple Watch could still offer. Well a lot, apparently. Choosing to focus on health, some speculations on the next Apple Watch series include sleep tracking and a possible scent detection function based on recently disclosed patents.

The Cupertino giant could also bring back the ceramic version of the Apple Watch (a feature which used to be available in the series 2) which would make it lighter compared to predecessors. There’s also a possible motion detection sensor which would make access to the Apple Watch functions easier.

Now here’s one feature that would truly make the Apple Watch Series 5 quite exceptional: Being able to function independently from your iPhone.

According to CNET, Apple’s direction of focusing on health functions would eventually need the smartwatch to function independently from the iPhone. This would allow the tech giant to capture possible customers who are using Android phones. Going independent from the iPhone could also mean tapping health conscious individuals who are simply looking for a reliable gadget for their health journey.

For now, that feature may not be ready yet for the series 5 and it could contradict on the supposed groundbreaking charging function of the next iPhone. According to a report, users can charge their Apple devices wirelessly by simply placing gadgets on top of the new iPhone. This feature would do well should the next Apple Watch have a sleep tracking function as it needs ample energy to carry out the feature.

Now with all the expected health features of the Apple Watch Series 5, it is expected that the price of the new smartwatch could once more increase. However, some are speculating that this is actually the best time for Apple to release a base model that’s less than $400.

Health-focused smartwatches such as the Fitbit trackers and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active go for $200 or less, so if Apple plans to lead the health gadget market, they might need to come up with a smartwatch of the same price range.