The Apple Watch has been confirmed in the recent special event and will be released later this September. The smartwatch has an always-on display which allows users to make it function like a regular watch instead of a wrist-attached mini smartphone. Many reviewers have shown positive feedback about the new Apple gadget.

Apple has recently revealed the Apple Watch Series 5 which has an always-on display. This feature allows the device to be used like a regular watch which simply looking at it could help you tell the time. The previous Apple Watches often had to be woken up to see the time.

While the previous design choice could save more power, the always-on display allows for quicker time checks. A report from CNN confirms that the Apple Watch Series 5’s always-on feature doesn’t affect the battery consumption of the device. Even after long hours after not using the smartwatch,

Meanwhile, The Verge praises the always-on feature as its owners are always ready to use it for both its smart features and the watch’s social use. People asking the time through your smartwatch is easier to check with this iteration of the Apple Watch. In the latest generation of Apple Watch, the smartwatch is affects socially conscious people less with its flickering screen upon raising the device.

Meanwhile, CNET notes that the always-on screen should have been a feature by the device for a long time now. While the waiting is long overdue, the arrival of this feature is welcome.

Other than its always-on display, Apple confirms that the Apple Watch Series 5 has other good features. The smartwatch comes with an automated emergency call feature which sends calls to emergency hotlines and services if the owner stays motionless after triggering the device’s fall detection.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is also supporting the new watchOS 6 which allows the device to exercise its full features independently without the need of an Apple smartphone.

This smartwatch is slated to be available this coming September 20. The wait won’t be too long for the latest version of this smart watch.