• Apple has just released the new Apple Watch Series 6
  • Several tech sites got their hands on review units and gave their first impressions
  • While most are impressed with it, it's too early to say if it will impress everybody

Apple has just unveiled its newest premium wearable, the Apple Watch Series 6. This device comes as the successor to the Series 5 and offers a slew of improvements and new features over the older models.

Here's a quick look at some first impressions the new wearable gave some reviewers.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 brings real but subtle upgrades over its predecessors, The Verge reported. The improvements are noticeable, but the site said the new version is but an “iterative” update to the older model.

According to CNet, which also got its hands on a review unit, Apple Watch Series 6's new features and improvements differentiate it from its predecessors. The new blood oxygen monitoring, faster processor, red and blue colors, brighter always-on screen, family setup and other features make it better than the Series 5.

Another review came from CNN, which said the new SpO2 monitoring and faster processor “impress.” The site said it features a familiar form but comes packed with new hardware and sensors, along with “a new paint job.”

These three reviewers noted that the Apple Watch Series 6's premiere feature – blood oxygen monitoring– and other improvements such as faster charging, better fitness features and the handwashing feature make the new device superior to older versions.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 with Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. Apple

Trusted Reviews, however, has a different take on the Apple Watch Series 6. The review site, which said it “thoroughly” reviews everything it recommends, said the new Apple wearable is “disappointing.”

The review site said Apple should've improved the Apple Watch Series 6 beyond the addition of a blood oxygen monitoring feature. The Cupertino tech firm could have added a “serious bump to battery life” and included “additional features for maintaining your wellbeing,” it noted.

The site said other devices, such as Fitbit's and Garmin's, have had SpO2 trackers for a while now. Huawei's Honor Band 5, which retails for around $36 via Amazon, also has an SpO2 tracker.

Fitbit's upcoming Sense, meanwhile, features an EDA sensor to track stress levels – something that the Apple Watch doesn't have.

Does this mean Apple's device shouldn't be considered the best health device of the year? It's too early to say. The reviewers said they only spent a short amount of time with the new wearable, indicating that they might be able to discover more details in the future.

Fans and those who are considering buying the new device should stay tuned for more reviews to know more.