• The Apple Watch is known for its health features
  • The Apple wearable is currently being used in several studies against COVID-19
  • The studies are conducted by different bodies

Several studies are currently using the Apple Watch to determine whether COVID-19 infections can be detected using a smartwatch and a smartphone. These studies are aimed at helping people know if they are already positive with the disease, so they can take the necessary steps to heal and recover. Here's a quick look at each of them:

The Wearables Data Study

The Wearables Data Study is conducted by researchers from Stanford University, led by Michael Snyder, director of genomics and personalised medicine. This study invites those who use an Apple Watch or a Fitbit to participate.

The Stanford University research aims to see if the Apple Watch and Fitbit can be used to “track infectious diseases like COVID-19.” The research also aims to know if the data that the said wearables acquire can be used to “predict the onset even before any symptoms start.”


DETECT is a study conducted by Scripps Research. DETECT, which stands for Digital Engagement & Tracking for Early Control & Treatment, is a study that will monitor a person's heart rate and allow them to record symptoms like fever or coughing.

The study aims to identify areas with viral outbreak quickly so that people can be warned of potentially dangerous situations fairly early. This will give health officials more time to take necessary action to prevent and/or contain the spread of viral diseases. It will also give the general public more time to protect and care for themselves and the people that matter to them.

DETECT invites everyone with a wearable that can track its user's heart rate, such as an Apple Watch, to download an app called MyDataHelps™. This app will let users anonymously share their data with researchers.

Duke Covidentify

The Duke Covidentify study, conducted by doctors and researchers from Duke University, is looking at whether smartphones and smartwatches can be used to identify those who have COVID-19 or not. It requires participants to answer two questions each day for a month, then every week for two months. It's very simple.

The study in currently inviting those who use a Fitbit or Garmin-branded wearable, which means that the Apple Watch isn't technically included in it yet. The researchers, however, said they are “hard at work expanding to include other smart watches,” which means Apple Watch users could expect to be included in the near future.

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