• Apple has previewed watchOS 7
  • The new Apple Watch operating system has a slew of new features
  • These allow for greater personalization and more functions

Apple has previewed watchOS 7, the newest operating system version for its highly popular wearable, the Apple Watch.

The new watchOS version comes with a slew of enhancements and new features designed to give users the best Apple Watch experience they'll have yet. Here's a quick look at the new features and enhancements that come with watchOS 7.

Shareable And Discoverable Watch Face Configurations

The watchOS 7 offers new ways to let users personalize their Apple Watch. It allows users to share and discover watch face configurations that will suit their tastes and preferences, whether they live active lifestyles, have just welcomed a first child to the world, or simply love to capture photos of whatever they like.

Apple Watch users will be able to download new watch faces from the App Store. They'll also be able to look for and download customized watch faces from certain websites.

watchOS 7 face discovery watchOS 7 lets users download customized watch faces like this from websites. Photo: Apple

Apple has also updated some faces to allow for greater customization and access to apps. The Chronograph Pro face, for example, now includes a tachymeter. The Photos face, on the other hand, adds color filters.

Sleep Tracking

Apple's watchOS 7 also introduces sleep tracking, which has been long desired by many. The new feature will watch for several details while the user sleeps so that it can give a holistic approach to one's health.

The Apple Watch will monitor the user's sleeping and waking times, carefully logging when the user sleeps and wakes up every day or night. It will then give users a visualization of the previous night's sleep, as well as a chart showing weekly sleeping patterns.

Automatic Handwashing Detection

The Apple Watch will now detect if a wearer is washing hands, then start a 20-second countdown to encourage users to wash properly. If the wearer stops washing hands before the time is up, the smartwatch will urge users to keep washing until the 20 seconds are completed. This feature is perfect for a time like this.

New Workout Types Including Dance

The watchOS 7 brings four new workout types: Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength Training, and Cooldown. Apple created custom-built algorithms so that the Apple Watch will be able to keep track of a user's health while working out.

New Hearing Health Feature

The Apple Watch will now alert wearers of hearing health-related concerns using audio notifications. This feature is built on the Noise app that monitors the noise levels around the user, as well as the volume level they set when they listen to music.