• Apple has released the latest Apple Watch operating system software version, watchOS 7
  • The new watchOS version does not have support for Force Touch
  • This means Apple Watch owners will need to learn new ways of performing familiar tasks

Apple has made several changes to the watchOS via the latest version, watchOS 7. These included removing one familiar feature and introducing several new ones for a brand new Apple Watch experience.

What did the Cupertino tech giant bring to the watchOS 7? Here's a quick look at the new changes to the Apple Watch operating system.

Goodbye, Force Touch

Apple has removed support for Force Touch in watchOS 7. This feature allowed Apple Watch owners to access certain menus or actions easily: with a firm press on the screen. The additional content shown on the screen will vary depending on where the user presses firmly.

Force Touch's removal from watchOS 7 means users will need to learn new ways to perform tasks on their devices. These include the following:

  • Creating and Removing Watch Faces

Force Touching on a picture in the Photos app used to allow users to turn it into a watch face. Now, users will need to tap on the Create Watch Face icon at the bottom-left of a picture in the Photos app. Users will then need to choose between Kaleidoscope or Photos.

  • Composing New Messages

A Force Touch gesture inside the Mail or Messages app allowed users to create new messages. Now, users will have to swipe down to find the New Message button.

  • Switching Views

While in App View, Force Touching lets users switch between List View and the honeycomb-like Grid View. Now, users will be able to switch between views by opening Settings, then choosing their preferred view under App View.

  • Clearing All Notifications

A Force Touch gesture previously made it easy to clear all notifications with just one tap. Now, users will have to swipe down the list of notifications to find the Clear All button on top.

  • Accessing Weekly Summary and Changing Goals

Users previously accessed the Activity app's Weekly Summary with a Force Touch on the app's main screen. Force Touching in the Weekly Summary allowed users to change their goals easily. With watchOS 7, users will find Weekly Summary and Change Goals buttons by swiping down while in the Activity app's main screen.

These are but some of the things that Apple tweaked as it removed Force Touch from watchOS.

Apple_announces-watch-se_09152020 The new Apple Watch SE. Photo: Apple