Apple may have foldable iPhones in the works, according to Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech. the Cupertino-based company may be working on a special iPhone with a seamless foldable display.

Prosser tweeted Monday that the foldable display device might actually consist of two separate displays, which would come together to form a single and seamless frame.

When stretched out, it may look similar to the iPhone 11, but instead of a notch, it will have an outer camera housing the FaceID. Prosser’s information added that the hinge may also be a smaller screen, which will make the device seem like a single large-display device when laid out.

The tweet may be more than mere speculation if it is examined in the light of an Apple Patent granted in March. The patent specifies a unique hinge with movable flaps that stops the display from being creased or damaged when the phone is folded. It creates adequate separation between both displays. When the device is unfolded, the flaps move into a position to cover the gap, which may provide it the seamless look that Prosser is hinting at. 

Chances are, the foldable device may not be the flagship iPhone 12 device — Apple could announce a separate line up for such devices akin to what LG and Samsung have done with Galaxy Fold and the V60 ThinQ, respectively. 

When compared to both these phones,  the rumored iPhone may be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold rather than the LG V60 ThinQ. While the V60 ThinQ seems like two different displays stuck together, the Galaxy Fold sports an extended display.

LG V60 Thin Q LG V60 ThinQ dual-screen smartphone Photo: LG/Official

Leather cases for the Galaxy Fold Protect your Samsung Galaxy Fold with these leather cases. Photo: Samsung

This is not the first time Apple has been rumored to be working on a foldable device. The company had previously been granted a patent for a foldable device in 2016. However, at that point, foldable smartphones were considered ultra-niche devices. Since then, many new foldable devices have been launched and are steadily gaining traction despite their expensive price tags. 

If Apple does launch a foldable device, it could pique consumers' interest and make it more mainstream. As always, the tech giant is tight-lipped about its upcoming launches and there has been no official communication about the existence of a foldable iPhone.