iOS 7.1 update screen Courtesy Apple

Ladies and gentleman, after five different beta sessions Apple has just released iOS 7.1 to the public, the first major update to its most recent mobile operating system iOS 7, which initially released in September. With this update, Apple has fixed some major and minor bugs and tweaked the overall user experience and visuals. It also includes the recently unveiled CarPlay feature, allowing drivers to access their iPhones “eyes-free” as it boosts Siri’s connection to the with the car.

keyboard 1
The old keyboard on the left, the new redesigned keyboard on the right Courtesy Apple


Apple redesigned a few minor visuals for the major update. On the keyboard, the delete and shift keys are now easier to see. Apple specific app icons like Messaging, Phone and FaceTime have been refined. And the moving wallpaper can now be turned off when users select a still image for the background. Users no longer swipe to answer a call as Apple has redesigned the incoming call screen to have separate accept and decline buttons. The power off screen has a new look as well. All-in-all, the redesigns are just for visual appeal and don’t change functionality at all.

The new call screen on iOS 7.1 Courtesy Apple

Major Fixes

The biggest major fix Apple tackled was the random rebooting problem certain iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina owners faced. If Apple has done its job well, customers will no longer have to deal with random resetting devices. Another big correction is the Touch ID update, making it more responsive and less finicky for users with the iPhone 5s. Siri also got a big update. Now instead of the software deciding when to stop listening, users can hold down the home button to keep Siri listening to them asking where to bury a body.

The New Siri on iOS 7.1 Courtesy Apple

Minor Fixes

Apple added several minor changes with iOS 7.1 too. The camera will now automatically enable HDR when the lighting requires it. iCloud Keychain is available in a few more countries. Apple also redesigned the user experience to be faster on all devices, including the iPhone 4, which had noticeable slowing when iOS 7 first launched.

Overall, iOS 7.1 is an incremental update, but it addresses many of the issues current customers have been facing. The update can be downloaded over the air on all devices. Beta users have a larger download file, around 1.3-1.4 Gb, while users upgrading from iOS 7.06 are seeing a quick update of only 214 Mb. One thing to beware of, if you have jailbroken your device using the evasi0n hack, iOS 7.1 will patch your phone throwing it back in the proverbial jail. Get all of the information from Apple here.