A cybersecurity startup successfully defended in court its ability to "virtualize" Apple's iOS software to help find software flaws
A cybersecurity startup successfully defended in court its ability to "virtualize" Apple's iOS software to help find software flaws AFP / Mladen ANTONOV


  • Apple's newly released macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta addressed app crossover issues
  • The update brought refinements on M1 mac apps
  • The beta version enhanced performances on iPad and iPhone apps


Few days after releasing the macOS Big Sur 11.2 bug fix update, Apple released the macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta version to developers. The version, which also comes a day after the tech giant addressed bypassing the Face ID issue using the Apple Watch, promises a better and less awkward look on the apps crossing over to Mac devices.

The latest update brings in features to address concerns over the progressive crossover of apps between platforms and provides a less awkward look. It optimizes iOS apps on Macs based on Apple’s own M1 chipset.

With the macOS Big Sur 11.3 update, apps on the iPad will appear larger than usual, depending on what the screen size will allow. iPhone and iPad apps on M1 Macs will have provision to personalize touch alternatives. This means users can configure keyboard commands to replace commands usually carried out on touch screens.

Like the iOS 14.5, the macOS Big Sur beta update supports the latest PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X/S controllers for use with macOS games.

The developer update also brings improvements to Safari. Users can now rearrange sections like Favorites and Siri Suggestions according to what they want.

The update also allows users to use the web speech API to integrate speech recognition on their web pages. They will also have access to the new integration and can develop features in the Start Page.

With the macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta update, Mac users can now sort reminders based on categories such as by title, due date, or priority. Reminders can also be printed when necessary. The function to drag and drop reminders manually is also made available for the first time.

Apple Music now features a shortcut to “Made for You” for users' personal mixes and replay lists. The app now notifies them of live and upcoming events.

Meanwhile, AppleNews features a redesigned AppleNews+ tab with a “For You” section. This makes searching magazines and newspapers much faster. Apple also added features to manage download issues.

With developer accounts, Apple users may now download the macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta (20E5172i) by installing the proper profile from the Apple Development Center and heading over to System Preferences to use the Software Update mechanism. The tech giant is expected to release the full update later this year.