Apple’s Support app has launched on the U.S. App Store, TechCrunch

Apple’s Support app has launched on the U.S. App Store,

The Support app, which originally debuted last month in the Netherlands, lets users access product documentation, schedule appointments chat, email or schedule calls with Apple Support.

In addition, the Apple’s Support app is customized to each user. The app will recognize all your iCloud-registered devices so you don’t have to figure out information like model number of your iPhone.

Having personalization allows customers to speed things up with an Apple Support technician, as it will help find the right product documentation that’s related to their device.

Apple customers can also chat with an Apple representative directly within the app, and they can view their chat history once the session ends. If an in-store appointment is necessary, users can schedule an appointment in the app and receive notifications for the appointment.

We’re not surprised Apple decided to launch its support app during the holidays, as that’s when many people are buying new Apple products or running into issues with their iPhone.

Though, Apple tested the support app in the Netherlands App Store in November before the U.S. launch.

The release of Apple’s Support app was first announced earlier today by TechCrunch.