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Some of the most astonishing details about tech giant, Apple, detailing its intensive work regulations and client-interaction training has come to light in a recent report.

The new report by the Wall Street Journal unfolds the inside details of functioning within the association - some of the association's closely guarded secrets. Some of these surprising details include:

  • In a single quarter, Apple's stores across the world have more visitors than Walt Disney's four theme parks.
  • Apple's retail sale per square foot in a single year including online sales is $5,914 which is much higher than that of Tiffany & Co. ($3,070) and luxury retailer Coach Inc. ($1,776).
  • The company has strict restrictions on privacy and employees are asked not to discuss or spread any kind of rumors against the company.
  • An important part of the company's training modules for its employees is not to sell but to understand the problems faced by the customers and to solve them.
  • The confidential manuals also direct in-store technicians to respond to customers using simple reassurances, like 'Uh-huh' 'I understand,' etc.
  • An employee late even by six minutes three times in six months may be fired.
  • Several members of Apple's initial retail team were from Gap and hence, many times, people joke that they were working at Gapple.
  • Wage distribution varies for different levels within the store. While the Geniuses are paid $30 per hour, staffers at the sales level may receive up to $9 to $15 per hour.
  • New employees are not allowed to interact with customers initially until they are deemed ready.
  • Geniuses are busy almost all the time as their appointments are routinely triple- booked.