Apple TV
Apple is planning to sell subscriptions via its TV app. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

Apple seems to be positioning its TV app as a hub for TV and video streaming services. It has been revealed that the Cupertino giant is currently planning to offer subscriptions to streaming services via the app.

Bloomberg revealed Thursday that Apple is reinventing cable TV by selling subscriptions to video streaming services directly through its TV app. This way users would no longer subscribe to streaming services through their individual apps that are available to download from the App Store.

Basically, Apple wants to simplify the process and user experience of streaming content through its devices since the TV app is available on Apple TV, iPhones and iPads. Not only will it simplify things, it will also bolster the usage of the TV app because it would become a one-stop shop for looking, buying and watching content.

Apple’s TV app is the replacement of the company’s decade-old Video app. When CEO Tim Cook introduced the TV app, he pointed out that it will be “the one place to access all of your television [for] a unified TV experience,” according to Pocket-Lint.

In its current state, the TV app is simply an app that aggregates content from providers. It is useful when users want to locate shows from a wide array of apps and channels. But that’s just about it. Users still need to hop between different apps when they want to switch to another video or content.

If Apple were to push through with its plan, the TV app will become the ultimate hub for users to find and stream content. In doing so, users would no longer need to go to third-party apps and sites just to subscribe and enjoy the content they want to watch.

By selling subscriptions through the TV app, Apple will streamline content acquisitions for customers. It will also boost the company’s growing services business. Unfortunately, the new feature will not launch this year. Apple is said to be planning to introduce it to the public next year, MacRumors reports.

Apple declined when asked to comment on its reported plan for the TV app.