Text Message
Pretend to be someone else on April Fools’ Day by using a text-for-free app. Getty Images

The text message was a great invention: It allows people to communicate quickly and efficiently. It’s also an awesome tool for April Fools’ Day. Because the target can’t see your face, he or she cannot tell if you are lying. Even more, there are ways to conceal your identity and pretend to be someone else entirely. Here are some April Fools’ Day pranks to try through an SMS message.

1. Text-for-free apps. This is probably one of the best ways to prank someone on April Fools’ Day, because even the most skeptical person can be tricked. Text-for-free apps allow people who download them to choose a different number and pick any area code they want. Once it’s downloaded, the prankster’s contacts will be downloaded into the app. This means he or she can text anyone in their phone with complete anonymity. Pretend to be a celebrity or a secret admirer. Try these apps: imo, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Pinger and textPlus.

2. “Fun fact.” Trick your friends with a fun fact, because most people can’t resist a good piece of trivia. Of course, you won’t tell them a bit of real information. Instead, write something such as, “If you pretend to shake salt on your tongue, you can actually taste it.” When they finally respond, say there is one more thing to know: “99 out of 100 fools will try it. April Fools!”

3. B---- Text your friend that she is the word used to describe a female dog. Give her a moment to respond, and then write back: “Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Cute, Hilarious.” Don’t forget to remind the victim what day it is and add: “Happy April Fools’ Day!”

4. Change contact information. This one will work only if the target isn’t familiar with your phone number. Go into the person’s phone and substitute a different name for your own, like Bill Murray. Don’t forget to delete the text history so you don’t give yourself away. The person will probably know Bill Murray isn’t texting him or her, but it could be a great gag.

5. “I’m pregnant/I’m engaged.” These are some of the oldest tricks in the book, but they still might fool a really naive person. Try to put a different spin on it, such as writing to your closest friends in a group chat. Say something along these lines: “Everyone: I know today is April Fools’ Day but what I have to say actually isn’t a joke. I’m pregnant/engaged!” The skeptics in the group might be suspicious, but the trick might work on a few people by addressing April Fools’ Day first.

Tip : Prank people at the stroke of midnight or in the early morning hours for the best success rates on April 1.

Good luck and Happy April Fools’ Day!

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