Honor BFF
Honor BFF Honor

It wouldn’t be April Fools without some hilarious jokes from our favorite tech companies. The 2017 joke from Huawei’s subsidiary brand Honor is your new best friend. The Honor BFF is the device that will shower you with praise and encouragement throughout your day.

Whether you need a kind word about your looks, a pick-me-up after a long day at work or some cheering on during a difficult mobile game level, the Honor BFF includes U-daBest Always-On Affirmation sensor and machine learning technology, which can detect when a user needs a complement and will dole them out generously. The smartphone is the perfect assistant during a long and grueling workout and offers motivation to keep going.

The Honor BFF can be programmed for male and female voices and includes several different language settings.

Check out the Honor BFF promo below. The new device is available April 1 (wink wink).